Double air sack and cracked egg


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Jun 1, 2017
So this week my little ducklings were due to hatch. Saw movement heard peeping and then nothing. I candled the eggs and saw no movement and when I opened the eggs they had internally pipped and then died. Out of the 10 that made it to lockdown 4 weren't any good and had died earlier on. Four had made it all the way so not sure what went wrong and totally gutted about it. The last egg has a double air sack one at the top and one at the end as normal so I wrongly assumed it was a gonna. I made a small hole in the side air sack and the duckling is alive and moving about but I can still see the yolk. I've covered the hole with a paper towel and I'm keeping it extra moist but I don't know what else to do (if anything) it is day 27 today. As a side note we did have trouble with the temperature last week so can only assume that caused the deaths

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