Double Broodys!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I have 2 broody hens sitting on the same nest on the same eggs.

    The eggs that are under Chili are going to hatch in 16 or 17 days from the time that I post.

    I'm going to save 6 more RIR eggs and 6 more BR eggs and set them this friday under Coal. They'll hatch on the 21st or the 22nd right?

    I can't wait. I haven't had any chicks since this past August.

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    my dad had some hens fighting over who was going to hatch them golf balls in the nestbox. dad got scared and thought they might do it and finally let them set on some real eggs.
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    If you leave them in the same nest there is a very real probability that both hens will get up with the first batch of chicks and leave the other eggs. You might be able to make it work, but you would almost certainly have to intervene at hatch time, and you might not be successful. If you are just wanting the experience and to learn, I'd say go for it but make sure you have the incubator ready in case you need to rescue the second batch of eggs. If you plan to separate them the problem would of course be solved. Good luck

  4. This Wensday I'm going to seperate Coal from Chili and set 2 BR eggs and 4 RIR eggs under her. I can't wait. They'll hatch in the middle of May I think.

    Chicks are cute aren't they?

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