Double yolkers-everyday ?


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Curious, " Speckles " is very different. Dont have a clue as to her bread. But every day like clock work for 4 months now she lays a 'double yolk egg' . Is that normal ? She reminds me of a loyal puppy. Stays at the door way steps back to be fed. Waits when I fill the water, then instantly drinks. And walks into the hen house, and watchs as I check the eggs without fail. Its weird , but I enjoy watching. Its as if shes a little child waiting on mom . None of the other girls do this 13 girls and 3 boys.

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Figured I'd be weird and get the strange lady. Oh I do enjoy her. Still reading on all the info . So I dont ask a question already asked. One step at a time. Its been almost a year now since I've started with the babies.

Will take some pictures and load them .

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