Double yolkers


Nov 21, 2017
Brandon, SD
I'm pretty sure either one or more of my ISA brown pullets that just started laying in February is laying double yolks at a crazy pace. I've had 4 double yolkers in the last 2 weeks. They are huge! I feel bad for the chicken pushing those out, but it made me wonder - how common are double yolked eggs? Are ISA browns (bred for egg laying) more likely to lay a double yolked egg than other breeds?
I have some Isa browns too. I was surprised how big the eggs are already. I don't think mine have given me any double yokers. I do have a black sex link that has been giving me some really big eggs, double yokes. Her biggest is 3.3 oz and man I feel bad for her. Pretty much all my sex links have been on the big side 2.5 ish. Any over we get the odd double yoker from the big eggs.
I've gotten a few double yolks from my California whites. They are young,only 7 months old and have been laying for a few months. The very first egg we got was a double yolk. I'm not sure if this breed is partial to them or if it is just because they are new layers.


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Pullets are prone to laying double yolk eggs. It should fade away as they mature. I just had a huge egg from one of my year olds and I was sure it was another double yolker. Nope. It was just a huge egg with a single, proportionately huge yolk.
Some folks claim there is a genetic link to those double yolk laying hens. My personal experience with double yolkers has always been related to young pullets working out the kinks in their 'egg factory'. The issue resolved as they aged.
True Dat^^^....but more common in high production hybrid breeds I think.
Our Welsummer and one of our Australorps gave us double yolkers when they first started to lay but it tapered off as they got the kinks worked out.

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