down side to electric fence?


10 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Hi! I am just wondering...I see so may predator issues and so many suggestions for electric fences. So it would seem that an electric fence would be a logical conclusion to most ground based predator problems. My question is thisWhat is the down side to electric fences? I was thinking if they were the answer, we would all have one?! Right now it seems to be the way for me to go, but I am wondering what I am missing. THANKS!
I have an electric fence around the entire perimeter of my coop and run. The only down sides are:
1. It is an extra expense. 2. You need to connect close the elctric gate and plug it in at night and do the opposite in the morning. I do not leave my fence on 24 hours a day but only during the night. 3. The occasions when you happen to brush against the fence and wet your pants from the shock. Other then that, there are no down sides because they are truly and effective way to deter almost all predators, including bears.
Only downside is touching one! Make sure you have it clearly marked with those plastic signs that hang on the wire. I ran my wires near the top above a childs reach. I think one of the reasons they aren't more popular is that people shy away from electricity. They really are very simple to setup and come with instructions how to do so.
I haven't run into any downsides yet. I love my electric fences. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have poultry without them due to predation. I live in a wildlife corridor, so I have all manner of animals wandering through my yard.
Be very careful if "marking" around the pen.
You can't figure that an electric fence is a maint free sure thing.

Always trimming grass away from it, always accidentally touching it, broken wires, extreme dry ground all kinds of things can cause issues.
Touching one is not fun. Also, if your power is off, it does not work. However, some run on solar. The biggest reason for us was cost. For a small enclosure, it is
too expensive. We went with the 2 by 4 wire and metal posts.

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