down to 1 egg under my broody *update and bloodring question*

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    [​IMG] So the other night when I candled I noticed what looked like the start of a blood ring but there was still great veining so I was hoping it was something else. Tonight when I candled it was a definite blood ring and the veining is gone and the chick has passed. I am thinking maybe the severe heat had something to do with it but its hard to know. Makes me sad though since there was such great veining and a beating heart previously. Then the darker egg I am pretty sure is clear, never was fertile. So that leaves one, which seems to be doing well. I hope for poor Millie's sake she gets one baby. Guess it goes to show that even when you have a hen doing the incubating disaster can still strike. I am a bit nervous though because its been hot, she has been on the eggs constantly, but I guess I have to let nature takes it course. I am going to get rid of the blood ring egg but leave the other a bit longer just in case, I am just having trouble seeing since its a dark shell [​IMG] but that gut instinct tells me that its clear.

    *UPDATE:So I pulled all the eggs and took them in the bathroom to make sure I had the best view/darkness, was planning on chucking the blood ring egg, but there is no blood ring now. So after a certain point does the whole egg get dark from the bloodring? I was totally certain last night it was blood ring and now I don't know what to think. It doesn't smell yet. I hope Millie is smart enough to kick it out if its bad before explosion happens. [​IMG] Well I guess time will tell right?
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    i hope you are right and she gets at least one little baby! its hard on the hen and hard on you when she has worked so hard on getting babies and then there is none. good luck to ya!

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