down to a lone gander


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
hello everyone, Ive been raising three goslings for the last 1month and a half, and well, last night a predator got in, took one, mortally wounded one and left the other healthy and alive.... so now i only have 1 goose, and he seems to be pretty lonely, following humans around more than usuall and being very vocal. I know geese are social animals and bond with those they grow up with. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best course of actiion. Should i :

buy adult geese? I've seen a couple adult geese for sale on craigslist - a pair for 25 dollars. would my gander just be attacked by the other? should i just try to purchase female geese?

order more from a hatchery. I could go the route of ordering more geese. But then would my gander try to kill them as they were babies? or would they be more likely to bond if they grow up near him and are the same breed?

thanks for the help!


10 Years
Mar 28, 2009
Central NC
It is getting very late in the year to buy goslings I would go for the pair of adults. You are going to have to pen them for a while to let them learn where their new home is.(don't pen them with your present gander) Watch and see how your gander and the pair interact. If they don't fly into a rage at the sight of each other, try introducing one of them to your goose Once that has settled down try letting the other goose join them. If the purchased pair is a true pair the other gander is going to want to fight your boy for his lady and she might join in the fight. The best bet is to buy females but you would still introduce them the way I described.

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