Doz + Coturnix Eggs (Jm Brown, A & M, Golden, Tuxedo etc) PA

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    All penned off according to colors so what the eggs are marked you should get (though two pens also have 1-2 other colors in them).

    My golden pen also has a tuxedo and a brown hen in it along with 2 golden hens the tuxedo is laying now but the jumbo brown hen isnt yet.

    The dark tibetan pen has a golden white capped roo in it

    All other pens are colored the same [​IMG]

    Eggs are $5 plus $7 shipping

    The reason im selling in such low numbers is because I don't have my whole flock started up yet to sell only in select colors. [​IMG]

    WILL TRADE!!!!!!! Looking for call duck, turkey and maybe even more coturnix eggs depending. PM me please.
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