Doz, hatching eggs--mix & match, chicken, duck ,geese, guinea, turkey


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May 18, 2007
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I need to unload some eggs. You can pick what you want in your dozen of eggs. It will be a doz+++. Better deals on 2 doz. or more.

Turkeys are black spanish hens and a brown hen over a bronze tom and a wild tom.

Guineas, there are 6 different colors, all running together. Pearl, white, buff, lav., brown, pied

Ducks are black cayuga and black runners, they are pure, not mixed. Runners are very limited. Cayuga, some eggs are black/gray and some are white, lt. gray.

Call ducks, snowy mallard, BEI, and a blue bib hen all running together with the black runners. I can not tell which eggs came from which breed, unless I see the hen on the nest then I know which duck is laying in that nest.

White Mandarin, I only have 2 eggs right now.

Geese are Gray saddleback Pomeranian and african, they are running together, so some will be pure and some will be mixed.

Chickens are ALL PURE, I have black LaFleche, stand. lt. brahma, cuckoo marans[feathered leg, not very dark eggs, dont know the lines], Golden Salmon Marans[nice egg color, clean leg, dont know their lines]

Bantam onagadori---some say they are Phoenix--- I bought them as Onagadoris and that is what Im selling them as. Some will have yellow legs, some will be blue/gray legs. My roos have gotten 3 ft long tails.

I have pics of most of my birds, email me for pics at [email protected] My paypal info is the same as my email. I will take a check or MO, but I will not ship eggs til I get it and it clears.

If you dont want eggs now, but later, let me know I can work something out with you.

We all know the risk of buying/shipping hatching eggs, so I wont type the speech about buying shipped eggs. Im hatching out all of the above and Im having good hatch rates, but I do most of my hatching under good ol hens.

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