Dozen Duck eggs, shipping included,(blue sweedish, blue crested white crested and buffs)

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    Jul 31, 2008
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    I am getting about 5 duck eggs a day from my girls, my bators are full, so i have 1 dozen duck hatching eggs for sale for $40.00 thats includeing shipping.
    I have Buffs, blue sweadish and white crested, they all run together, so i have been getting blue crested which is soooo cute, one pair of buffs stay as a pair so i am not sure if those will pure or blue buff or crested, so i have gotten pure buffs from them.
    I also have a call male who hangs and tried to tag one of my other buff girl but i dont think he has tagged her at all but just incase , i wanted to mention that.
    one pic is the pair of buffs, there not in cage now they are free ranging.
    Post sold and send paypent to [email protected]
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