Dozen Mutt Duck eggs For Sale.

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    May 25, 2009
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    Dozen + extra's (If I get any) Mutt duck eggs, This is my first time shipping eggs, so please be patient with me and if alot are broken I will replace them. Ship out on Monday Priority, Heres a list of the ducks who are old enough to be laying and that the eggs may be from. Im incubating some of my own eggs and so far have had great fertility 9/10 in one bator and 13/13 in another, Possible pure magpie eggs because I've only see the black magpie after her, but then again I dont know who for sure is laying the eggs.

    1 black Magpie
    1 Welsh Harlequin

    1 Blue magpie
    3 Welsh harlequins
    2 Blue swedish (1 crested)
    1 Mallard

    Also to add I have a few 1-3 bantam eggs I could send with them free if wanted, Roo's are Bantam Delaware and black rosecomb, Hens, 1 Mutt, 2 Brahmas 1 Blue rosecomb
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