Draining Roosters Swaddles?

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    Jan 17, 2013


    Our rooster (large white, yellow legs, black feathers mixed within tail) has a huge red comb and huge set of red swaddles, this year being -26 at times has developed some frost bite at edges.
    Frost bite on it's own would have been a naturally occuring accident of this years winter, but this morning his swaddles swelled up to almost twice the size of his head, (slight over exageration).
    My neighbore has suggested that they are filled with liquid, and swelled due to the frost bite. He also suggested that I should drain them tomorrow if the swelling doesn't go down.
    So my questions start with;
    1. how do I drain them, can I puncture the swaddles like a human water blister simply using a sterile needle and hoping for the best, or do I have to cut them a larger opening with razor blades or shears?
    2. has anyone left a rooster well enough alone and simply hoped for the best, imagining that the swelling will go down, and that the animal will return to natures time healer?

    Thanks any advice will be greatly appriciated.
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    If his wattles have frozen, then they are swollen due to the tissue damage, and not because they are filled with fluid. If the blood supply was damaged enough, they will discolor and dry up, then fall off. Lancing them will not cause the swelling to go down. You might apply some antibacterial ointment or bag balm to help keep them moist and maybe limit further damage.

    Frostbite is more likely to happen if a coop is too moist, or has inadequate ventilation.

    Hope he heals up OK
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  3. DONT lance it! It will be fine! Put ointment on like mutts said :) praying for you and your roo!
  4. JerseyGiantfolk

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    Jan 12, 2012
    When I first clicked on this thread and saw the swollen face... ah, I was alarmed that it was cholera! (I live where it doesn't commonly freeze,BTW) But then I saw the frostbitten wattles and read your post.... phew...
  5. Kimberly Lehman

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    Jan 17, 2013
    This afternoon the swelling has gone down alittle bit.
    He seemed ok with me rubbing human polysporin on his comb and waddles, he shook his head around alittle afterwards but seems relativley calm about the situation.
    He has never appeared to stop eating or drinking, so within time he'll simply have a smaller set of waddles and comb for next years winter frost bite weater.

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