Drake being aggressive to my other drake...

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Jun 29, 2020
I have four pekin 2 male 2 female. Everyone gets along just fine and were raised together. Yesterday one of my my drakes was chasing the other drake around almost constant. Grabbing the back of his neck etc. I figured he was showing dominance and he would stop and it seemed towards the end of the day he had stopped. Well this morning he’s at it again and he pinned my one to the ground and stayed on top of him so I grabbed the aggressive one and held him for a minute put him down and he went back to it. My other drake was standing there literally trembling. I have now separated the aggressive one by himself in a fenced area where he can still see everyone but he is just pacing trying to get out. I’m not quite sure what to do...will this stop?
Unfortunately that’s just a part of life with animals. There is always a pecking order (even my horses and dogs have an order) and it sounds like one of your drakes is putting the other in his place. It is difficult to watch, and as long as one submits to the other all will be, uh, just okay. The lower drake will always be trying to have a girl to himself, once again nature, but the alpha drake will always be after him. It would be best if you only had one drake and a few more hens. One drake will wear out the feathers on the back of the two hens’ necks by over mating.
Mimi13 is right. What you are seeing is normal and why the drake to hen ratio is so important. I went through it with mine. I had two drakes and three hens. My boys would fight for dominance. Once that was over, it usually only took a few days, then they would get along. However, they would then rape the other drake’s favorite girl. The girls took the brunt of their aggression. Eventually, two of my girls were badly injured (one ultimately died from her injuries) and I finally took action. I now have one of those drakes with five hens. I encourage you to learn faster than I did. If you love your ducks change your ratio.

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