Drake can't walk


5 Years
Feb 24, 2018
I was just out checking my ducks there now and I saw my drake lying down and he wouldnt get up. He's completly g me apart from his right leg. It's either buying him or he can't feel it. I put him the pool and he occasionally paddles with this leg. I didn't do anything harsh just gently bending the leg and then I made a pop noise. He's still limping with it though not showing any pain I think.

He was perfectly fine all day until I seen this happening.
What could be wrong? And what will I do many thanks!!
There is no swelling or discoloration. The leg looks the same as the healthy leg.

Thank you for all help it's much appreciated!
Sorry I am unable to do that now but I will do it tommrow in day light. Would it need a splint? He's in now with the other ducks for the night so I'm hoping he lies down and the leg isn't too much of a bother. I never have any luck with these runner ducks! Haha
What can be done may depend on where the injury is. I’d try an keep him resting as much as possible to keep him from hurting it any more. One plus is he used it in the pool. Water therapy is one of the best exercises for our ducks it takes pressure off the legs but keeps the legs moving and helps keep the muscles limber. If you let him in the pool maybe help him in an out for now just to protect the leg from further injury. Do you have any b complex? Liquid or tablets? You can start your drake on some. B complex support muscle and brain health and is a great supplement when have leg trouble.
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Both lets look the same no swelling or discoloration. It seems to be his hip that s cracking. At times he can walk and run fine and then other times he shakes his leg, limps and will lie down and stick it out. I tried him in a pool for 10mins today and he used both legs however when he is made to use his right leg more, it cracks even more.

My mum is a nurse (pretty useful at time like of these lol) and I got her to feel both legs and she doesn't feel any difference in them.

Should I leave it and hope it sorts itself out? Just don't know what to do with the poor fella.

Many thanks for all help!!
I'd give it time to heal, must not be a dislocation if he can use it at times but might be slipping. only an xray would tell for sure. But just like with us humans rest and support is best. No running or trying to keep up with everyone else. Vitamin therapy like some b complex which is wonderful for out water fowl for leg muscle support. Water therapy so he can take pressure off his legs for a while but using them to keep the muscles strong. If a vet is an option they can prescribe anti-inflammatory meds like Metacam. Ort maybe you have some for humans? if so @casportpony can give dose depending on weight of your Runner.
That's brill thank you! At the minute he is with 4 other runner ducks in a 6x4m garden but should I keep him on his own inside his house during the day to allow him to rest? I have a bottle f vit b for our sheep so I suppose I could give him that. Thank you so much!

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