Drake Goose attacking Ducks/Female Goose sitting on Duck eggs/Drake Duck mating female Goose

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    I have 5 Brown (females) and 2 Gray Indian Runner Ducks (one female/one drake) and 2 American Buff Geese that I purchased from Metzer Farms in California last summer as well as 2 female Pekin from TS . I received the initial shipment in June and the 2 Brown Indian Runners had been one quadruple and one triple banded to signify that they were females. Due to the inappropriate banding, they sent me 3 additional Browns 2 weeks later. Unfortunately, due to the restricted blood flow to their feet, one of them has a peg, but no web foot and the other has slightly more than a peg which gives her better balance.

    The geese and ducks all reside in a very nice house and run with a 100 gallon pond when the temperature is above freezing and fresh water in heated livestock buckets since December. Around mid December my gander goose started hissing at me and I noticed he was using his beak to keep the ducks away from the water and at times the food. That gradually became noticeably worse by the 2nd week in January and he tore chunks out of the Pekin ducks bills and badly tore the beak of the Runner with the peg leg. There was blood everywhere in the snow both inside and outside the run as if there had been a mass attack taking place. The Runner required a section of her beak to be cut off as it was sticking out to the side and she is now living in the house. Her beak has healed and fortunately enough of it is in tack that she has no problem eating. I ordered a duck diaper harness from goosemother.com so she can be out and about part of the day. She has learned that when the refrigerator doors opens there may be lettuce, strawberry, or another treat coming her way so she runs to the kitchen every time the she hears that signal. She will even tug on my husband's pant leg in the kitchen to ask for a treat.

    My daughter and grandson helped me build a temporary pallet, wood, heavy duty tarp jail for my drake all in a day with wind gust of 75 mph because I feared he would injure or kill the remainder of the ducks. Once the ground is thawed enough to dig post holes, I will construct another house and run for the drake and plan on putting the other goose in with him at that time (around mid May).

    In the meantime, the female buff goose is still housed with the ducks. She has laid her first five eggs the last 10 days and since I removed them from the house, she is sitting on 9 duck eggs and doesn't want to leave her nest to eat or drink. Tonight at dark when I was locking them up in their house for the night, I found the drake Gray Runner duck on her in the mating position with him pinning her head down while she was on the nest. I may be wrong, but it appeared he was being successful because he wouldn't move off her even with me yelling at him.

    I was going to write and ask if anyone had a goose sit on and hatch duck eggs and how they reacted to them once they hatched ducks instead of goslings. Her own eggs aren't fertile since we had to remove the Gander and since they are all in the same house, the ducks laid their eggs in the same area- she just took them over. But now my question is also, can a very large Runner duck successfully mate with a smaller female Buff Goose and/or fertilize her eggs. I have to say, I wanted to ring his neck when I found him on her and I was surprised she was putting up with him because she outweighs him significantly even though his body is almost as long as hers. I also thought that since geese mature slower than ducks, that she wouldn't be nesting until next spring. My husband had Toulouse geese living with his flock of geese in years past and he said the Ganders never bothered his ducks and were one big happy flock. Is it normal for a Buff Gander to attack ducks, especially since they were together since they were 3 days old? Everyone I've talked to has recommended I get rid of my Gander. I just couldn't bring myself to do that even though it's going to be an ordeal making a new run and house to be able to keep him separate from the ducks. I originally decided on the Buff Goose breed because they are reported to have a great temperament, which makes it even harder to understand why he is attacking the ducks. I have talked to numerous people that have geese and ducks living together that are reported to not have a great temperament without problems. Any information/advice will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you!
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    No, ducks cannot fertilize the eggs of geese or vice versa. The mating won't hurt the goose so if she's allowing it there's nothing to worry about.

    Also, a male goose is called a gander, not a drake goose. A female goose is called a goose. A drake is a male duck. I was a little confused reading this because I couldn't tell at times whether you were referring to a male duck or your gander.

    You also shouldn't keep the gander all by himself - he should have a companion. Keeping him alone for the rest of his life is cruel and not a good solution. If he's not being aggressive towards the goose, you should put her in with him so they can be together. If you can't do this then it would be kinder to rehome him to a place with other geese that he can be with and perhaps get another female goose as a companion for your female. The aggression he was displaying may have been a result of hormones due to the onset of the breeding and laying season for him and his mate. They get more aggressive during this time.

    Regardless, you did the right thing by separating the ducks away from him because obviously that wasn't working out.

    As to whether a goose can hatch duck eggs, she can, but I cannot say if she will take to them or raise them because I've never tried that.
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    Thank you for your reply- I've made corrections in my original post, shouldn't have posted when I was so exhausted. I almost gave the Gander away, but decided I couldn't part with him. I spend a lot of time outside visiting with him and this week it looks like its warming up a bit so we can fill the pond with fresh water. We plan on locking the ducks in their house for a bit each day and letting him swim in his old run. We will get the new run made as soon as I can dig fence post holes and get the goose back in with him.

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