Drake Keeps Running Hen Away From The Flock

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  1. Hello. I have 2 pekin hens, 2 rouen hens, and 2 khaki campbell drakes. They have a coop, with a covered pen, and we have about a half acre pond that they LOVE to swim in and hang out around when we are home . We frequently see them breeding in that pond. For the last two days, we have seen one of the drakes running one of the pekin hens away from the group constantly. She will run off, and he will go back to the flock. Once she starts inching back to the group, he will run her off again. We have never seen either drake breeding with her, only the other hens. Is this some sort of waterfowl courtship thing, or is he just a jerk to her? I feel so bad for her being off by herself all the time.
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    No breeding and behavior master however..
    It seems he's just a jerk. Lol.
    Try "punishing" him for it. Tell him no, hold his bill, etc. My ducks understand they are in trouble and this helps.
    If it escalates and continues try separating the drake from the flock for a bit.
    Hope this helps.
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    Are you positive she is a hen and not a drake? Sounds more like Male behaviour.....

  4. Yes, the victim here is for certain a hen. They have been laying eggs for about 2 months now, and she does not have the curly tail feathers or the raspy drake voice.
  5. You know, the more I think about it, the hen in question (her name is Noodle) used to sort of be at odds with the drakes. When they were first learning to trust the pond, the drakes would try to get all of the girls to follow them in for a swim, and Noodle was always the one who would try to get everyone to follow her away from the pond. (They love the pond now, but it took some getting used to for them). She has always kind of been the most stand offish of the ducks, but this is the first time I have seen the drake (his name is Doc) treat her, or any of the hens poorly.
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    Sometimes a drake will just not take to a female duck I have seen my Runner drake make my 2 Buff Females move away. He hasn't chased them off but he lets them know he doesn't want them in the pool etc. I'd give him a bit of time out by himself maybe 3-5 days where when he comes back he isn't Mr. macho so much any more. See how the rest treat this female while he isn't in the pic.
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