Drake or hen?

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Sep 17, 2019
I have several Pekin ducks and can tell difference between drakes and hens, however, a friend of ours was moving so gave us their ducks. They bought them from local pet store. One looks very similar to Pekins however slightly shorter and thinner. I’m sure she is a girl. The other is brown with a slight white ring around neck, and it’s head is a bit darker than body with a little bit of a green shine to it, and beak olive green. It has a Drake feather. But I have defiantly heard it “quack.” Not very often but it does every now and then. I think from google search that they are khaki Campbell. Is the difference in voices as noticeable as with pekins? They are currently in a paddock with a pekin hen. Only getting 2 eggs a day.
They are about a yr old. On closer inspection brown duck’s beak is black with definite olive green on end. Slight shiny green on neck isn’t noticeable in pics
Here are pics


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The KC is a Drake..The bigger Pekin looks like a Drake. At that age hens quack and Drakes have a raspy voice.
The bigger pekin is a hen as it lays an egg and defiantly quacks, no drake feather. I had a Drake pekin with a raspy voice and drake feather but fox got it. I think the smaller white one is a white khaki campbell (just from google). They all defiantly quack though. No raspy voices like the drake used to have.

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