Drake phallus prolapse (graphic pic)


Sep 2, 2019
My Coop
My Coop
I've talked with a vet and done suggested methods of treating my drake, but there is no improvement. It's not looking any worse either.

-I separated him from the flock.
-He gets clean bathes daily, also epsom salt bath
- he is doing normal duck things, eating, drinking, diving and preening.

His phallus appears very swollen and is hard. Doesn't look like the cork screw. Has a spot that appeared to be maybe a cyst or something. Has dry white skin? In it. I attempted to remove as much as possible. Here doesn't appear to be in pain, as he tolerated it.

I've used neosporin several times a day on it, preparation h, to reduce swelling, sugar/ honey wrap, and nothing. I strongly believe it is an amputate situation.

It looks a little worse than this right now.
Any advice? I can't afford a vet for this.


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Welcome to BYC. Can you post another picture of you pulling on it like this? The picture below is one that I amputated.

Here is a video of a duck penis being amputated:
I'll try to get a pic like that, but he's very swollen, I'd say a good 3/4" right at the base, circled in the below pic.


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