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Just curious to know what is everyone's drake to hen ratio. Do any of your drakes tend to favor one hen over another hen? I have 1 particular hen that these guys just love and I have no idea why because there are enough females to go around.
I have had pairs, trios, and a group 3: 3 in the past - all with no problems.
I even have 1 pen with two drakes and a single female ...but one of the drakes is an Aylsebury three times the size of the duck... so he doesnt get anywhere near her...lol
In a back yard / farm - 1 drake to 2-4 ducks is good- any more and you risk fertility problems- but in a commercial venture where there are hundreds of ducks housed together a ratio of 1 drake to up to 10 ducks may be used. For in between - the more birds you have the less drakes..ie: 1:1 if you only have two ducks... 2: 6 For 8 birds 3: 12 4: 20.... ETC... Of course it can also depend on the breed - with some drake only having one mate for life.
Well, my problem is that I think that the drakes are singling out 1 particular hen. And the reason that I think this is because she is always dirty. She has webbed mud foot prints on her all the time. She is mounted the most. I have 28 hens and 7 drakes. Is that ratio too high? Do I have too many drakes? If so, what would you suggest the hen to drake ratio be? Thanks for any advice.
Well I can tell you my ratio is out of wack.. the boys are fighting. Well frank the tank is - I put him in the chicken pen tonight for timeout.

3 rouen drakes, 2 rouen hens, 1 runner hen and 1 runner drake. The runner drake is getting picked on bad - the feathers on the back of his neck are a mess

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