Drake was attacked and cant stand


5 Years
Dec 30, 2016
My husband brought two drakes home after the owner didnt want them anymore we were going to put them on a lovely lake with other ducks theres some other domestic ones there too but something attacked one of them while it was in our garden it has bite wounds on back ive bathed it with tcp and managed to stop bleeding but it can stand its not putting any weight on left leg a d when it tries to stand either falls on side or looses balance and falls on front the duck has lost all balance could it possibly have a broken hip or back its leg it can move im not sure what to do its drinking but wont eat we dont have the money for a vet any suggestions ?
Many thanks


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13 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
Without treatment, the duck will either get better on his own or not. Therefore, rest is the best treatment option in the case where a vet is not an option.

It's very important, though, to locate any and all lacerations and puncture wounds and clean them well, and keep antibiotic ointment on them to encourage healing and discourage infection.

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