Drakes dueling to the death?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Vickers58, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Vickers58

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    I have a sassy mallard drake that's almost a year old and his son who is almost 4 month old. We have 3 hens. There is a lot of squabbling and sometimes the younger one is so frightened that he practically fly a into my arms as soon as I try to break I up.

    I usually take the older male out and put him in time out because he seems like a total bully. But as soon as I turn around he younger drake is taking his frustrations out on the three girls! Making all of my pity for him disappear.

    Should I continue to split them up or just let them duke it out? Can they cause major damage or even kill each other? Has this happened before? Should I just split them up for good or is this just seasonal? I don't want them to seriously harm each other, but I dont want to get in the way of them just working it out and establishin a pecking order...

    Here's public enemy #1

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    Jun 10, 2013
    my mallards was fight with each other not to long ago well my 3 males any way even my muscovy was fight last night it went on for 15 min if you break them up it will just cause more fights just watch when they start going at it and make sure it does not get bloody
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    Its mostly hormonal and some fighting is good for them and helps release tension. "Wrestling" where they bump chests is pretty normal as is some feather pulling and neck wrestling. But, you don't want fighting where blood is being drawn or there is a risk of drowning or broken bones. You may want to separate the younger one at night, but keep him in an area where he can see the others. If they are confined together in a small area where one of them can't get away, then it might be best to rehome a drake.

    I'm betting your older male is defending his position with the girls.
  4. Amiga

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    As someone with only one drake, I don't have personal experience to draw on. But I have seen some sumo wrestling among the girls, or between the runners and Bean, our drake. It generally doesn't go beyond chest bumps and yanking on feathers before someone moves away.

    And - these kinds of things do get worse this time of year. Last night I sectioned the Coffees (Bean, Hazel, Carmella) from the rest because just like last year, Bean started trying to prove something by going after Romy and forcing himself on her. Now, for almost a month, Romy and Bean have been having trysts and all was well. But then Bean gets all het up and won't leave her alone, chasing her until she acquiesces. Dip.

    So, now, Hazel and 'Melly have to be in timeout, too, because I feel Bean would get all kinds of stressed by himself even in sight of the others, and his girls would suffer, too. But Romy likes to be with them all. sigh. It took months last year for this to calm down, and I had to split the pens. But I will do what I must to protect La Rome.

    This is when I would love to be able to explain to Bean that he is making his own life less pleasant. dummy.
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    They dif. don't use their noodles this time of year. [​IMG] we'll not the one sitting on top of their shoulders, if they had shoulders.
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    When my drakes use to tussle I always stepped in and broke it up, but it usually meant getting covered in mud because it never failed they always seemed to do their fighting in a mud puddle, But now I let them work things out amongst themselves but I still watch for someone getting hurt other than their egos. I watched my dominant drake chase down our youngest who is 9 months old the other day and all he did was hold him there for a few minutes and give him a couple pecks on the head. He was amazing to me because he is much heavier than the young one and could have really put a hurtin on him but he was teaching him to respect him as the dominant one a lesson he'll have to learn over and over sad to say. Most of the time the fights are when one of the other boys go after a duck who is off limits to any one other than the dominant drake, since you have 2 drakes and only 3 ducks it makes it harder because both drakes are viaing for the same dominance role. and your youngest will come up short being the youngest. I'd try and get these boys at least 2-3 girls each and then let them sort out who belongs to who.. It's hard to watch at times but they do need to work it out among themselves as long as no one is getting injured in the process. The most important thing here is keeping the girls safe from being abused.
  7. Finny

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    Jan 5, 2014

    If you can, maybe you should get more girls. The recommended amount is three ducks to one drake. The shortage of girls are definietly causing your drakes to do more than just wrestle. I have an all drake flock and they wrestle, but nothing that will hurt the others. I believe this is because I have no girls which they can fight over. I hope your drakes stay safe!
  8. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    The ducks' health and happiness are important and at the same time I want to let Vickers58 know that the photographs of her ducks are breathtaking.

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