Drakes "mate" with goose

I have the opposite my gander mates with my Muscovy ducks.. It don't matter.
it looks like rape to me, a goose would never want to mate with a duck espacialy 3 , get a gander and you will si it for your self
My Buff goose would sit in the pool for my big Pekin drake to mount her. Talk about an effort in futility! Since then, the ganders have taken over.

What is funny, is that when the Pekins mate, the geese stand there and make a racket. I don't think that they approve of ducks mating, lol.
My Turkey was trying to rape my female goose last year while she was sitting on the nest! I wont have this problem this year as we ate the Turkey for christmas!!!
But I have the same problem as Sasa at the moment with one of my Drakes, so I have built the ducks a new pen and pond for themselves until laying/sitting season has finished for my goose (Maureen). I thought the gander would sort the drake out as he is the dominant bird in the pen. But the geese adopted the ducks last year when we introduced them, so not sure if the ducks think they are geese or the geese think the ducks are geese.
Well thats one way of taking care of an amorous turkey, lol My gander will mate with our Muscovy ducks, but since we got him a mate back in Aug he is spending much more time with her, but after being raised with ducks since he hatched I think he really thought he was one. Now he has learned how to be a goose.
One of my Mom's ducks is constantly trying to mate with my goose. She is terrified of him, and runs screaming every time he comes after her. He's so persistent now that he is tearing up the feathers on her back as he tries to catch her.
6 more weeks and she won't have to put up with him any more, poor girl.

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