Drakes or hens? Audio/video

Andrea PNW

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Sep 4, 2020
All righty @duckiemum is going with drake but also posting a fresh thread for second opinions.

The mysterious mallard/rouen that has full lady plumage but a very obvs butt curl (see attached photos) can be heard at the end of video 2. He/she hollers because Barbe and Ed wandered away and he/she couldn't see them. Ed's very green, likely green head perks up.

The only vid that does not have a title (it's raining and no ducks are in the frame) is the sound of one of the cayugas yelling after I called for them but they couldn't see me.

here is the link to the videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjFSiA5xwIM8gF0wyGYEvIQ

Photos of Ruthie's butt curls attached.



Aug 22, 2012
Odessa, FL
There ya go. Ruthie is definitely a drake... The only sound I hear that is even remotely female is a sound on the last video...one of my hens makes this sound when she's found something wonderful like a mud puddle...sounds kind of like squidward.... humph humph... mumbling to themselves. I certainly didn't hear any true quacks. the next couple weeks will be a major change for your flock.

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