Drama queen hen might be going broody

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by horsejody, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    My most obnoxious hen might be going broody. I have two incubators going right now and had hoped that somebody would go broody. Around here power failures are a pretty regular occurence. I have been lucky recently, but wanted to put some eggs under a hen in case my luck ran out.

    Yesterday morning Buffy (mixed breed) started sitting. She has an old stereo speaker cabinet she likes to sit in. Those speaker cups are just right for a nest. Last night I got the big cage ready. It's a large parrot cage that I bought at an auction for $10. I donned my thickest gloves and put her in the cage. My hands would have been nothing but bloody stumps without the gloves. Of course, the speaker cabinet won't fit in the cage. So I put her second favorite egg laying nest in there, the barn cats' food dish. Buffy sat in it then got out and flung it across the cage. She proceeded to throw quite the tantrum. Then I tried a little red bin that some of my other hens like. No deal, the tantrum continued. Next we tried a large electric dog water dish (not plugged in). That worked. The hysterics stopped and she got in and sat on the hay and fake eggs in it. That was late last night when all normal chickens are sleeping.

    This morning I put food and water in the cage. I thought a cool whip bowl would be fine for the water, however I was wrong. Buffy got off the nest, took a long drink, ate some layer pellets, pooped and then took hold of the side of the cool whip dish and flung it. How something that small can pick up a container with 16 ounces of water in it is beyond me. She then gave the dish a good thrashing and ate some more. She is back on the nest and there is a water dish fastened to the side of the cage. If she is still broody and sitting tonight, I will take a few eggs out of the bator and put them under her. But do I really want her raising chicks?
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    She sounds like a doozy!!.....she will make a good tuffoldbroody!!.....no one will mess with her chicks!!.....lol

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