Drawing your Chickens

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Jul 7, 2021
Hi! I’m starting this thread to give me something to do. I have a few guidelines below that must be followed in order for you to get a drawing:

1. It must be a picture of a bird. I don’t really draw other animals yet. I am also not so good at silkies.

2. The picture you post must be a good quality picture with the birds in a decent pose/stance. If this rule is not followed, the drawing may come out super bad, or I may ask for a different photo.

3. I have been working with different styles, so if you have a specific style you would like, say in your post- style 1, or style 2. (The only thing that changes with these styles are the eyes. I blend accordingly) Styles are shown below...

4. This thread will be locked when I am working on a drawing, so post your pictures whenever it’s open. (Once I am done with the drawings, the thread will open again)

5. For now, only one drawing per member, so post the bird you would most like a drawing of.

6. Let me know if you would like a background. If you don’t, the background will be white. The only background I will do (other than white) is the background of the picture you post.


Style 1-

Style 2~

Also, from December 1st-December 15th I will be out of town, so this thread will become locked for that time.

If you would like to see more of my drawings, check out My Drawings! thread.
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