Dream club-talk about your dreams, do they come true, and more.

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    Hello everyone :frow I have had so,e really weird dreams and I decided to make a club!we can talk about are dreams, of they became true, put your dreams together, do they add up to something and so much more!i would like to post some dreams I had, they are below

    I and my sister were waching the chicks take a dust bath.it was sunny one minute and cloudy the next.i walked out on the tar and looked at the sky.i saw a beautiful woman come from the sky.she had a long golden dress, with red and green sequins laced at the body.huge HUGE golden wings and blond hair that looked like feathers.her nails were painted moonlight silver.i looked to her face and gasped.she had NO EYES!her eyes were white, nothingless.she said in the insanely beautiful voice.so calm, she said,"if your not carful I will take your chicks and chickens".i gasped.she let out a eerie screech.she flapped her wings at me.i thought quickly and my only instink was to attack her.i was foolish to do so.a lept at the harpy.she harpy screeched again and clawed my face with her long sharp nails.my sister raced out of the bushes and attacked the harpy.she told me to go,"NO!YOU GO!"I screamed.she raced back and I tried to run after her but I slipped and the harpy grabbed my leg.i tackled the harpy.rolling on the tar, I rolled her over towards the car.i grabbed the door handle and open the door.i grabbed the harpy and tossed her in the door.i thought,<>if I leave her in there, all the others harpy will attack me.but if I attack and kill her, all the harpys will go.<>.i looked into the window of the house seeing ma pick up the phone and dial something.so, I did another foolish thing, I jumped in the car and started attacking the harpy.her huge wings slapped me in the face.my hands thouhed something on the dashboard.the keys!.<YES!<>,I thought.i stabbed the harpy with the keys.i dragged the dead harpy out of the car adds aw two police trucks.one of the men was saying,"well, no more harpys or whatever so we don't have any evadince"he said.i put the dead harpy on the back of the truck,"here is your evadince"I said.ma and the police man looked at me and I shrugged and pulled the keys out of my pocket,"the key, are the keys"I said.i walked to Elora and the chicks and pulled them into a cottage in the back of the house.everyone came, mommy, daddy,e Lora, chicks and the chickens.mom and dad were talking and a walked outside.i saw a purple container with water in it.i saw a little duckling.i picked the duck up and said,"weres your mama?"but I new.harpys.i walkd inside with the duck.we named her rose and she lived with us.

    What could this dream mean?what do you think?do you think someday it might come true?

    I saw a tall man walked from the house.he was very tall, he had very gray hair and a ragged gray cloak.he had a twisted stick-a staff I guess you would call it-with a blue ball at he top.he walked over to the black thing.it was light one minute, he muttered something and pointed his staff, and it was all dark expect the moon.there was smoke.

    I walked out of a store and saw a huge deer, taller then daddy for a fact.mom said,"kyndra, that is called a whale deer"she said."whale deer?"I echoed."yes"I petted the deers nose.she was very tame.

    I was in a fantasy like place.glowing rocks and flowers-you would have to be there.i saw a girl sleeping.she had black hair.there was a very large rock with a trickle of stream coming from it.the stream ran past rock and into the stone ground.i fell asleep and morgana(of course)was nearby.i heard the girl screaming.i looked up and saw blood red color water spraying out from the rock."rose!"I screamed.rose looked at the towels, 3 orange and one green and blue(take note of that)she grabbed the 3 orange ones and started covering the rock.not the green and blue one though.merli(WHY?!")ran out from nowear and muttered something.suddenly, the water stopped.

    I've been having a lot of dreams with lady morgana and Merlin and such.do you know why?and the towels rose picked, up?they are my beach towels.

    I will post more dreams tomarrow.
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    We wear locked in our bath room.morgana, Gwen and I.we finally opened the door, as soon as I did, a foul smell filled my mouth.i looked to the side and saw a elf with blue skin and a spear.she had a emotionless face.a looked to my other side and saw morgana petrified.i looked past her and saw another elf with pink skin.same as the other elf.i started walking forward and the blue-skinned elf put her spear in front of me,"don't move, you won't get out"she said evilly.i sighed.i held my breath, covered my mouth with my hand and raced trough the green smoke.i ran outside and gasped.i could see nothing.just pink and blue skined elves.<>I can't fight them all!<>I thought gasping.i ran back in side and busted the door open......

    (Note that Gwen is morganas servant)

    Come on guys!
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    i remember the end of a dream this large man would't give me my stuff back so i wacked him with a yard stick [​IMG]

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