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Dream, Hope and Billy V

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by canesisters, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. canesisters

    canesisters Songster

    Aug 18, 2011
    I'm working on a children's book - can't decide if it's any good or just entertaining for me. What do yall think?

    Chapter 1

    It was one of those weird warm days that sometimes come in early April. There was still some slushy snow on the ground from the week before but it had been melting fast as the temperature had climbed into the mid 60’s. All of the animals around the little farm on the hill were relishing the warmth. The two old horses had been acting like a couple of yearlings, galloping around, bucking and rearing just for the joy of it. The dogs had been stretched out on the porch like a big, furry throw rug as they soaked up as much sunshine as possible. The birds and squirrels had been in a flurry of activity as they made the most of the unexpected thaw to increase their stores of food and nesting stuffs. The chickens had been running around in their yard like odd little feather covered wind-up toys as they greedily searched for any insects that had been lulled out by the warm day. Even the cats had ventured out to spend the afternoon on the low wall surrounding the garden - enjoying the warm sun without getting on the wet ground.

    Now this wasn’t anything particularly unusual for Dream. The big calico had grown up on this farm and although she sometimes went out of her way to avoid getting wet or un-necessarily dirty, she could often be found sneaking around under the shrubbery or poking around the loft in the barn.

    But it was a very unusual thing for Hope. Having come in the late Fall, she had only been on the farm for a few months. She was a tall stately siamese who had belonged to the aunt of the woman who took care of the farm. Hope had lived her whole life in a penthouse apartment in the city. But when the aunt had died, she and the aunt’s bright green parrot, Reco, were sent to live on the farm. Although Hope had spent many hours lounging in the apartment’s windows and watching the activities below, she had never seen the world ‘up close’. And she didn’t waste any time these days letting anyone who was within earshot know that she did not approve of the messiness of the world ‘up close’.

    On this particularly warm day in April, the woman who took care of the farm (all the animals that lived there called her Mom) had left the back door open to enjoy the breeze coming through the garden and across the deck. Dream came out onto the deck. She took a deep breath and giggled as it ruffled her long, thick calico coat.
    “Come on Hope. It’s just lovely out here. Come out and see how warm it is.” she called as she rolled onto her back on the deck.
    “Absolutely not. It’s wet out there. There’s mud everywhere and I can still see some snow too. I’m not going to go out and get all dirty just to see the sun. I can see it just fine from here, thank you.” Hope called back from inside the door.
    “Oh come on Hope. Just for a moment? It’s not the teeniest bit wet here on the deck.”
    “Please Hope; come out for just a little bit. You’ll love it. I promise. I’d bet that even old Reco would like to be out here. Mom says that you need to get out more, ya know. Don’t be afraid.”
    “I am not afraid!” Hope snapped. “And I don’t particularly care what She says. She’s not the one that has to spend the rest of the afternoon getting clean again. And as far as Reco goes, he never goes outside – ever! MY Mother always said it wasn’t safe for him.”
    Dream walked back to the door and looked at Hope. “You really shouldn’t be afraid. Nothing’s going to happen to you here,” she said quietly.
    Hope blinked at her, sniffed, bristled her whiskers and shoved Dream as she walked past her onto the deck muttering, “I am not scared of anything on this little patch of dirt.”
    Dream smiled to herself and followed Hope to the middle of the deck where she was sitting primly with her tail wrapped around her feet.
    “Doesn’t the sun feel good, Hope? It’s so warm today.”
    “It’s not nearly as warm as the basket next to the woodstove – inside.”
    “But there’s no fire today,” Dream chided. “And besides, Mom’s got all the windows open so it’s just as warm outside as inside. Let’s go see the garden.”
    “What!? There is nothing in the garden but mud! I’m not going.”
    “There are pansies blooming and the rosemary smells sooo good today. I’m going to sit on the garden wall for a bit. You should come with me. Ya know it’s just a little leap from the deck to the garden wall. You wouldn’t have to get your feet muddy at all,” Dream said as she walked to the edge of the deck. She glanced over her shoulder at Hope, then hunkered down, swished her big, bushy tail and leaped down toward the low brick wall that surrounded the small garden. A flurry of tiny birds, startled by Dream’s sudden appearance, filled the air for a moment and then settled into the branches of the nearby magnolia tree. The gentle breeze stilled and, for a moment, it was silent in the yard.
    “Dream?” Hope called. “Dream are you ok?” There was no answer. Hope walked a little toward the edge of the deck. “Dream?” she called again. Still no answer. Ears back, Hope shook herself and walked toward the edge of the deck. “You had better have broken your neck,” she called. “It’s terribly rude to ignore someone who is talking to you.” She called as she reached the edge. She blinked and looked around. No Dream. “Dream? Where are you?”
    “Don’t ‘shhh’ me!” Hope said spying Dream’s tail sticking out from under a rosemary bush. “Oh for pete’s sake – what on earth are you doing down there?” Hope asked indignantly as she leaned out under the railing.
    “Shhhh! Look at this!” Dream whispered.
    “Look at what?” Hope asked as she leaned even farther.
    “This!” Dream shouted as she hooked a snail’s shell and tossed it up toward the deck.
    Hope screamed and jumped. She landed awkwardly on the wall and nearly fell into the garden.
    “What do you think you’re doing?” Hope hissed. “What was that thing? You almost hit me with it. Have you lost your simple mind? That was not funny. What if you had hit me? What if I had broken my leg falling off the deck? Or my neck? Humm? Then what? I swear Dream, sometimes you ju…..” Hope froze in mid rant with her blue eyes wide and her mouth open.
    “What is it Hope? … Hope?” Dream hopped up on the wall to see what Hope was staring at.
    It was a cat! A big, orange tabby cat. He was sitting under the forsythia hedge at the edge of the yard.

    .... more to come, if you want.
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  2. WooingWyandotte

    WooingWyandotte Crowing

    Apr 25, 2011
    Nor cal
    I like it. A lot. Keep it coming, I haven't seen a cat story up yet and will keep track of this one. [​IMG]
  3. canesisters

    canesisters Songster

    Aug 18, 2011
    “Ohhhh my god!” Hope started to screech. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Who is that! Where did he come from?” she wailed, getting louder and shriller. “You better go away right now!” she shouted across the yard, “You don’t have any business here. Go away now or, ..or, ..or you’ll be sorry!”
    Dream squinted her eyes and held her ears flat out from her head. “Good grief Hope, turn down that siren of yours. You’re hurting my ears and your being rude.”
    “Who do you think you are coming into this yard?” Hope continued screeching as she backed toward the deck again. “This is not your yard. You are trespassing. Do you hear me? Tress-pass-ing!” Hope shrieked as she jumped back onto the deck.
    “Hello there” Dream called to the stranger. “Lovely day isn’t it? Don’t pay any attention to Hope, she’s not used to company.” At that, Dream felt something hit her in the back of the head. It was the snail.
    “Shut up!” Hope hissed, “You don’t know anything about that cat. What if he’s dangerous?”
    “He doesn’t look dangerous to me. He looks sort of homely and hungry.”
    “Go away!” Hope screeched again. Then hissing to Dream, “What if he’s a wild cat? What if he’s not alone?” she said suddenly looking around, “What if he’s got some nasty disease? What if he got…..,” she gasped, “…WORMS!” she shrieked bristling all over.
    Dream chuckled at the sight of Hope. She was standing on her tippy- toes, arched up in the middle with her skinny little tail puffed out as big as it would puff, her eyes huge, her ears flat back against her head. She was showing her teeth and trying to look as vicious as a siamese cat was capable of looking. Dream walked over and hopped back up on the deck. Hope was slinking in circles growling and muttering, “He’s probably planning to attack us … probably attack us in our sleep … going to eat our food … sleep in out baskets …”
    It was then that Mom came out onto the deck to see what all the noise was about.
    “Hope honey, what in the world is wrong? Come here baby, don’t be scared. It’s ok..”
    “I’m NOT SCARED!” Hope shrieked and darted under the old iron table. “Can’t you see? It’s a wild, diseased cat! He’s going to kill us all! Can’t you see? DO something!”
    Mom stooped down and tried to get Hope to come out. “Come here baby, it’s ok. What scared you? You’re not used to the big ‘ol outdoors are you?” she cooed. Hope backed away and continued to mutter and growl about terrible danger they were all in. Mom sighed, and stood up with her hands on her hips. Dream came over and rubbed against her legs, “Look Mom, a visitor. He looks hungry,” she said and glanced back over to the spot in the hedge where she had seen him. “He’s gone.”
    “He’s What?!?!” Hope shrieked
  4. canesisters

    canesisters Songster

    Aug 18, 2011
    ... a little more...

    “Hey sweetie.” Mom said as she reached down and scratched Dream’s head and back. “Did you do something to frighten Hope?”
    “Of course not!” Dream said and shook herself and began to wash her face. “We had a visitor in the woods but he’s gone now. Hope is just overreacting”.
    It was then that one of the dogs came around from the side porch to see what all the screeching was about. His name was Henry and he was a small, black and white cocker spaniel. Like most cocker spaniels, he was almost always in a good mood and his bouncing trot was making the tags on his collar jingle like sleigh bells. “Yowiee - what’s all the commotion?” he asked brightly as he started up the steps.
    “What do you mean he’s gone?” Hope hissed.
    “Who’s gone?” Henry asked
    “What are you doing just sitting there preening?” Hope continued to wail, “Where did he go? Did he come closer? Is he in the garden? What if he gets in the house? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…”
    “Henry, off the deck!” Mom said, “You’re just making Hope worse.”
    “Who’s gone?” he asked again turning to go back down the steps.
    “An orange tabby cat. We saw him under the forsythia hedge a moment ago but he’s gone now,” Dream told him.
    Mom reached for Hope again but Hope yowled, “DO SOMETHING!” and swatted at her hand.
    “All right Hope, enough!” Mom said and grabbed the broom that was leaning against the swing. She gently swooped it near Hope’s rear end. “I don’t know what’s got you so upset but you’d better come back inside before you give yourself a heart attack or something.” Hope darted from under the table and streaked in the door.
    “Dream, you coming in?” Mom asked but Dream was already heading off the deck with her tail in the air and her whiskers twitching.
    Mom sighed and thought to herself as she walked through the house, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you Hope, I wish you would just settle in. Aunt Ruby would be beside herself if she knew that you were still so upset about being here. Lord,” she prayed as she spotted the tip of Hope’s tail sticking out from behind the washing machine, “please help me to see what this little lady needs. She is just so unhappy without Aunt Ruby.” Then turning toward the den she said to Reco, “Is this normal for a Siamese?” Reco cracked a peanut shell and fished out the nut but didn’t answer her. “Lota help you are.”, she said and gave one of his toys a flick so the bells rang. “I’ll call Laura in the morning and see if she has any advice. Maybe some kitty valium or something.”

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