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Okay, I know I have seen this here somewhere, but a ten minute search didn't bring it up.

What is the ratio for live weight to dress-out weight for a turkey? I weighed three of my BBWs tonight and the larges hen weighed 32 lbs and the toms 42 and 49. I'm trying to figure out what that means as far as processed weight is concerned.

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I am not sure but it wasn't a big differance for us. Those are huge turkeys. What are you gonna cook them in. We had ours processed at 5 months and dressed out weight was 21lbs and the other 29lbs. They were bigger than I thought.
yoou can figure you will loose 30% or so on a 49 lbs you should be close to a 33 lb turkey dressed out give or take.

It really depends on when you weigh them. they will weigh more when they are full of feed and water then they will on slaughter day
Thanks, Harp. That is kind of a relief. I was shooting for a maximum dressed out weight just under 30 pounds, so hopefully they were full of feed. This is the last time I raise these monsters. It's heritage breeds from now on!

I am processing this Sunday. Any advice on how to handle them this last week?
Just with hold food for the last 24 hrs and only give them all the water they can drink to help flush out their systems as it will get real messy with that big of birds if you don't.
FYI, my 49.4 pound turkey dressed out at 38.6 pounds, which comes out to 79.7% of live weight. That is on par with what I have read in some books.

I do two more this weekend and will let you know how that goes. I'm thinking maybe these big BB breeds have a higher conversion rate than heritage.

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