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    May 30, 2008
    OK so i see all these post about turkey size but what is the average dressed weight of the differant types of turkeys. i beleive all the below weights or live weights, please correct me if im wrong. At least thats what im assuming them to be.

    Beltsvill small weights Toms 20 lbs Hens 12 lbs
    Bourbon Red Tom 33 lbs Hens 18 lbs
    Midget Whits Tom 18 Lbs Hens 8 lbs
    White Holland Tom 35 LBS Hen 20 Lbs
    Standard Bronze Tom 36 lbs Hen 20 Lbs

    All stolen directly off of steves website. Thanks Steve. As a side note when do you expect to have eggs or birds ready for sale i would like to be on the list, or start it for that matter.
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  2. An old rule of thumb is the #13 rule

    You loose approx 13% in the plucking, breeding process and another 13% in the dressing. total loss 26%

    I have never tried it to see, when we are processing I just want to get it done. [​IMG]

    We have a waiting list going now for eggs, you can send an email to [email protected] for what you are looking for. The Belts start laying first in Jan, followed by the Hollands, Midgets, Palms the Bourbons & Bronze were last.

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    Jul 27, 2009
    How many weeks for each breed to get to full size?
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    Quote:I do not know about those, but I do know that the Broad Breasted White and Broad Breasted Bronze Toms(Maybe this is a Standard Bronze?) Started in Late May, can be 50lb by Thanksgiving. I know, I had 2 of them to clean! Dressed weight was 35lb each bird and ALMOST too big to fit in the oven. I am in search of smaller Turkeys for next year.

  5. Quote:For a heritage turkey you are looking at least 6 months, we like them in the 10 month range. There is a difference in the taste from a younger bird to an older one. I guess once they stop the growing phase and go to the filling out phase the taste comes out more? Or gets stronger maybe?

    Steve in NC
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    I had BRoad Breasted Bronze last year and after about 5 months the toms dressed at 32 pounds, the hens at 26 pounds. Didn't keep any longer than that.
    This year I had 2 Bronze toms, and they dressed at about 26 pounds after 4-5 months. My Bourbon reds of the same age dressed at 10-11 pounds. A huge difference in size. But the taste is good, and I'm planning to breed the reds in the spring.
    I had hear that it takes 12-18 months for heritage burds to reach full size.

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