Dressing out a turkey - help please.

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    Mar 14, 2011
    I want to dress my butchered turkey so the legs are trussed under a flap of skin. I tried at Thanksgiving and well not so pretty. I have sold a couple of my turkeys for Christmas and would like to have a more polished look. I'm fine with killing, scalding, and gutting, but at Thanksgiving I forgot to remove the tail (much to my husband's amusement) as in he'd never seen a turkey served with the tail still on. [​IMG] He only redeemed himself by saying it was also the best turkey he'd ever tasted. There seems to be a little difference between dressing a chicken and a turkey. Pictures would be appreciated. Thank you [​IMG]
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    No tail? You mean you guys don't fight over the Pope's nose? I don't think I've ever seen a turkey with that part of his anatomy missing!
    According to wikipedia, this part of the anatomy is also called the parson's nose or the sultan's nose. Its scientific name is the pygostyle.

    As long as you cut out the oil gland, some people consider this part of the turkey quite delicious!
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    Yup - my husband likes to eat the tails...he has fits that I cut them off! But, it's one less part to meticulously pluck...so OFF IT GOES! Every once in a while I cut off the oil gland and leave a tail on for him...but not usually...I say if he wants it, he can pluck it!

    And you know...I haven't bought poultry at the store in so long...I couldn't tell you if it came with or without the tail [​IMG] So I just lop mine off with pruning shears for the sake of being lazy like that [​IMG]

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