Dried rose hips for tea, oil making or pets, also ferns

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    Just collected a bunch of ripe rose hips from my wild rose bushes, they are delicious fresh (if you like the taste of cranberries they are! [​IMG] ) HIGH in vit. C. Since I can't sell them fresh, they will be dried and halved with the seeds removed. These are GREAT for making tea, or even cooking with olive oil for rose hip oil, or feed to your pet as a great suppliment!

    Shipping will be more than the price I assume. I'm going to offer a full ziplock baggie full of them for $5 if anyone is interested, shipping I assume will be the minimum which I think is what $8+ something? Again they will be dried and de-seeded- if you want the seeds for planting your own wild rose bushes those can be added as well. I have a slightly limited supply, but if I can fit more than one zip lock baggie in and the shipping prices still be the minimum and you're interested the total will only be $8 (plus s&H ofcourse).

    I am also drying my last remaining lemon balm leaves which are also great for tea, a ziplock baggie full will be $3.50 + shipping. Limited supply as well but I'll pack the baggie full.

    Also willing to sell wild fern roots on my property, the one type im pretty sure is Bracken, the other type looks more prehistoric in appearance (smooth leafed) but i forget the name. $5 per root ball (plus s & h)whatever type- will be kept moist in a ziplock and holes poked in the baggie to keep air still going in. These ferns thrive in shade and good moisture, would make great potted indoor plants as well as outdoors. From what i read when the plants are going dormant is the best time to collect them, and they are done growing for the year now.

    If interested in any please just email me at [email protected]
    We have more brackens than we do the smooth leaf type.
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