Dried up poop on hens butt

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    I have a flock of Australorps about 8 months old and one of the pullets has dried up white poop covering alot of her butt feathers..

    The others don't have this issue, she eats/drinks fine, alert, and so signs of her being sick. I feed my pullets only layer pellets sometimes corn. Dose she have diarrhea? If so how can I treat it? Also a bit later on I am going to check her poop when she's on the roost and check to see any worms from her droppings.

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    Being dirty around the vent is not uncommon among chickens, especially in heavily feathered breeds or older birds. I would check to see if she has any sores or a continuous white discharge around her vent, though, as that could be a sign of vent gleet (a fungal infection). She probably doesn't have diarrhea, but if you want to strengthen her digestive system, try giving some probiotics, yogurt, or apple cider vinegar.
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    Some chickens have too much fluff around the vent, and will get dirty with any loose stools. Try trimming a bit of the fluff, and cleaning off the stool. If there is redness or bald patches there could be vent gleet, which is a fungal infection. Probiotics or a bit of plain yogurt a few times a week, plus creams such as miconazole, Nustock, or other antifungal creams may clear it up. A lot of white in the droppings is urine.
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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I just came back from closing the coops and I noticed she likes to sleep on a old nesting box that the chickens don't anymore and there is a lot of poop build up in the box and her butt was rubbing on it. I moved her away from that spot and tomorrow I am going to throw away the old nesting box.

    I checked her vent and no redness, discharge, or anything weird. Her poop isn't wet, it's hard and don't see any worms in the poop. I think it was the poop box she liked to roost on.

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    Our buff Cochins have extremely poopy feathers too. No problems or illness just lots of poop buildup. We are in negative temps here so it's way cold!! I don't really want to get then wet or trim feathers because they need them!! The hens refuse to go out at all. Any suggestions?[​IMG]
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  6. I know that one blogger gives her chickens a bath every time their butts get dirty, but that seems like a big pain. You could just cut the feathers slightly shorter around where the poop gets caught, so there's still feathers left to keep her butt warm, but keep poops off...

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