Dripping Blood- Not Walking well- Ducks

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    My duck April is dripping blood and is not walking right. I can't find any cuts on her, but her feathers have a little bit of blood on them. She is limping and can't walk well, I don't know what to do. Please Help!
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    Hello! Unfortunately a few months ago our two ducks died and they had the same symptoms you are describing your duck has. We think that our ducks died from something called Duck Plaque. It's transmitted to ducks from geese. As far as I know, there are no cures for it besides getting your ducks vaccinated early on. Focus on making April comfy and see how she fairs, but I'm warning that she may die very soon as that is how it was with our ducks. :( Best of luck and I am so sorry!
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    I would get her into a tub of lukewarm water, rinse her off, and look for the source of blood.

    Possible sources - broken blood feather, bites/puncture wounds (look under the wings and around the vent), broken halux nail on the back of the leg, cuts on the feet. Blood from the feet can get onto their bellies when they are sitting down.

    Is it coming from her head? Nares? Eyes? Ears?

    She may have been attacked. You have drakes?

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