dripping from the vent and breathing issues.


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Apr 12, 2012
I am not new to chickens,I have 10+ yrs.I am also very used to doing my own medical.But this is a bit of a new one on me.I noticed about 3 days ago my 1 and half year old Jersey Giant/Austrolorp looked as she had been experiencing diarrhea.White streaks down from her vent.Today I finally decided to check it out.Her vent was clear but her butt was pasty so I washed her off.What I noticed after wards- I have no clue.She is dripping urine? (white stuff) Just kinda drips out whether she standing or walking.Other than that she has been fine,eating walking,nothing out of the norm.(my birds do free range in a large section of my yard.They are city chickens.Tonight we are getting ready for quite a storm as I live in Florida.The coop included.Tonight on last check she is roosting on the top of the nest boxes (normal for my girls) and I noticed her breathing was off so I brought her in.Its not labored breathing but deep breaths in.She seemed to be straining a bit so I broke out the gloves and the vaseline and checked for egg bound.She doesnt seem to be but I must admit this is the first time I have tried to check a hen over 10 pounds.I didnt feel an egg but she is so thick and deep I cant say I didnt miss something either.I tubed her to give her some olive oil,best I have on hand other than plain cooking oil.And I gave her an injection of tylan.Shes resting comfortably on chair next to me.Where do I go from here??What am I looking for???
Thanks Christy
I live in Florida, up north of Tampa, and all my chickens get watery stools in the warm weather because they drink so much water to cool off,. I don't know what to think of the breathing.

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