Driving from Northern NJ to Lancaster area Saturday.....


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
Ringwood area, NJ
anyone need a lift for something they have been searching for? I have some roosters I have to get rid of anyone on that route want them?

Im gettin Turkeys~~ I am getting turkeys!!! whoo hoo~~ !!!
I am near Ringwood. I am only getting 3, and considering two. I am not sure. One boy two girls??
Anyone know how much feed is out there, it might be worth it to pick some up since it is SO expensive here.
Do you live in the same state as me?? lol I am always shocked at the names of places I have never heard. How about Paramus, Pompton Lakes, Oakland, Wayne, ...Sussex?
Which route are you taking to get to Lancaster? I would like to try and take your roos but you live too far for me to drive. If you were coming closer to me......I may be interested in meeting you somewhere.

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