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    Hey there!

    My oldest, favorite and leader of the three hen flock has been out of sorts for the last three days. My husband said when he let the girls out to free range she was fine then he found her in the pen just standing there pretty lethargic. Next she had gone back to the laying box up next to the roost and was there with her eyes closed. We moved her out and she went back. We added some electrolytes to their water. Next day, One of the other hens is calling a long buoooockk repeatedly which I take as an alert and always go check. I was ready to find a dead hen but no, she was still alive but up in the nesting box sitting on a couple of eggs (which I know are not hers, she quit laying last year and I am letting her go naturally). Well, I took her out of the box and put her in the sun (cool april am) and noticed she is drooling but making an attempt to swallow it back. I came back in to post and as I looked out the window she had moved over to the water (with electrolytes in it) and drank several times. Her buddy hen has stayed with her and the other loner I've found in the garage by herself. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    4/10/16 - She is moving around more but her crop seems really big - actually bigger on one side. Her comb is flopped over and not eating - will drink water. I'm about to give her some chopped tomatoes as I saw on another post. Any other ideas?
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