droopy chicks


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Nov 26, 2011
Gainesville, GA
I am sure this has posted before but since I am kinda in a rush I wil post again (cant find it on the first page or health forum so I figure I will post it here).

I recieved 18 marans chicks a couple weeks ago. They are two weeks old this past Monday. I lost total of 6 to this date, I have two droopy chicks right now. I have them on medicated feed and save a chick in the water. Brooder light working and I watch on how comfortable they are with plenty of ventilation. Those chicks were picked up.

I have in other brooder different breeds of chicks - same care - they are all thriving. They are all hatched here.

I have put in another waterer with sugar and a pitch of salt (for a little sulfate). I will change it out with apple cider vinegar while leaving the save a chick waterer in... I am trying to save the two plus keep the remaining 10 thriving.

I have bought a gamebird/showbird feed (24% protein) thinking they may need that extra boost to mix in with the medicated chick starter so hopefully they will eat both to get benefits from both.

Im lost?? I never had this problem before with any other chicks - hatched or purchased. The breeder is NPIP?!

you may be over medicating. Did the chicks already have vaccinations? Maybe just try using plain water, not sure if you have any reguar chick starter?
Thanks! I should have mentioned that the game bird feed is not medicated. But I just started on that so we will see?

Good pointer. And no not vaccinated. Brooder has clean shavings and kept dry.


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