Droopy Died Last Night

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    Jan 12, 2007
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    After 3 weeks of intensive care, whatever had afflicted Droopy, one of my Bourbon Red Turkeys, finally succeeded in killing him.

    We never could figure out what was wrong though we were given a lot of suggestions. He seemed to get better for awhile but then would start drooling again and finally I think the cold (which is relative, it went down to 40 last night) the last 2 nights may have been to much for him, even though I had a heat lamp on him.

    The other 3 Bourbons are doing fine and are the most friendly turkeys I've ever come across.

    If any of you have any ideas what would cause the following symptoms please let me know.

    Excessive Drooling
    Loss of appetite
    Not drinking much
    Basically a discheveled look (messed up feathers)
    Droopy wings (that's how he got his name)
    A strange swelling in the throat when breathing
    Death (not just Droopy but also a hen 3 weeks ago)

    One suggestion I got was Fowl Pox wet form, which could be since I had an outbreak of dry form earlier in the year.


    Bob D. in FL.
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    Jun 25, 2007
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    Sorry about Droopy.

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