Droopy wing, raw meat looking poop.....Cocci? :( help appreciated.


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
Laconia NH
My beloved BLRW has started in with something....2 days ago, i noticed her right wing was droopy, like it had no tone. She is eating and drinking, but def has "droopy wings". I added electrolytes in the water, and gave her a molasses/water flush. No change, however I have noted 2 poops in the pen that look like raw hamburg. Not really red blood, but raw meat for sure. They are on medicated started and always have been. I have other chicks in the pen, with the BLRW's. Should I move them, or segregate her? Is this sounding like Cocci to you guys? If so, Just a corid treatment and ACV in the water? Do I treat all birds in the pen? They range in age from 5-8 weeks old. Thank you so much for any help or advice,
If she is on medicated starter and showing signs of cocci (and the blood in the droppings, drooping wings are signs of cocci), then I would advise treating her with sulmet rather than corid. Corid is the same medication as is in medicated starter and only treats for one type of cocci, so I'd go to a stronger med. It's a little hard on their systems, but the cocci can kill, so I take my chances with the meds. If one is showing signs, most likely they are all infected, so yes, treat all of them. No need to segregate her at this point, but make sure to keep their brooder extremely clean so they don't reinfect themselves.

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