Dropped one


8 Years
May 18, 2011
Went to candle tonight and dropped an egg:( Poor little bugger was only 17 days and had no chance. This was my last candle on this batch and have now decided to leave the rest be. This set is scheduled to go on lockdown in the morning. This has certainly been a learning experience. I have 2 that are on day 19 now and nothing yet. No pips, rocking, peeping or anything.
Ugh, I'm sorry! That has happened to us too when we had our first batch of eggs two years ago. My father wasn't sure about the eggs since there wasn't much activity going on near lockdown, and there was a smell coming from the incubator so he cleaned out the bad ones. Well one of them he decided to see if there was anything inside it so he cracked it open on the pavement and saw the baby chick inside. He was devastated!
I've never seen him so upset before when it comes to our chickens.
I am sorry:( I was so afraid of dropping them when candling as I can be a little clumsy at times. We are also on day 19 with two eggs and nothing yet for us too. Hope you have a healthy hatch with the others
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