Droppings board - can someone describe this?

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    May 10, 2010
    Hi all - we are in the process of completing a previously half finished coop and it doesn't have a droppings board in it under the roost. Can someone describe to me what this is, how it should be attached and point me in the direction of any pictures, if possible? Also it looks like they are using a 1 x 2 for the roost. I'm thinking this isn't wide enough but you all would know best. Should I replace this? Thanks!
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    Here is just one example. There are many ways of doing a dropping board. To me, the easiest are the ones that reach wall to wall, simply because the bracing is so simple. Mine is not quite 5 ft, so it runs wall to nest box. Whatever board you're using should be around 16-18 inches wide (could be a little wider), and centered several inches below your roost. Some use plain boards, some cover theirs in scrap vinyl flooring. Mine is covered with a thin layer of masonite type paneling so that I can remove it and hose it off once a month or so, plus it's very easy to scrape.
    A 2 inch wide roost would probably be okay if your chickens are smallish. If you have bigger birds, you might consider using a 2 x 4 flat instead though.
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    May 23, 2009
    Instead of a board, I use a plastic tray so I can take it out of the coop and dump the contents straight into our composter. There's a picture on my BYC page.

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