Drunk Female Goose.

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    May 30, 2014
    Good Afternoon,
    I have a bit of an issue with my female Pilgram. She wondered off last week and was gone most of the day. I thought something might've gotten her as I allow them to free graze. SHe showed back up and was a bit shaky. I figured that maybe she got scared and was huddled down in the grass until she felt it was safe. She was fine the next day and when I went to put her and my make up that evening. She was acting drunk. Falling over not able to keep her balance almost as if she is having equilibrium problems. SHe is able to get around a little. She has trouble with not being able to keep her balance. She is eating and drinking fine. Is there anyone that has had issues with this and found out what it was. I am very worried about her, I thought that maybe she was egg bound but I wasnt finding any of the same symptoms that she has to match up with those of an egg bound goose. Plus she is less than a yr old.

    Please help.
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    My Toulouse goose was acting like this about six weeks of age and died two days later, we found out the grass they were eating was too long for their age and it caused a gas build up in her crop. She couldn't breathe well and eventually passed. A few days later the other female was showing the same signs and as soon as she turned down hill we had her put down. We took the male off grass for a month until he got bigger and now he's eating and just fine, we mow it once a week and offer him food 24/7 so he doesn't feel inclined to eat the grass.
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    She may have eaten something that has made her act this way. Do you have any activated charcoal? you can put some into her water and see it that helps. it binds to whatever she has eaten a toxin possibly and will help remove it from her body. I'll get you the link to flushes.follow the direction to the T on these flushes. https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/700526/flushes-for-aiding-in-toxin-removal#post_9508213 and please keep us updated on how she is doing.
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    And give her some Brewers´ Yeast, it may not have anything to do with her eating something wrong, it could be a lack of something.....

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