"Drunken" chick???

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    I have an $80.00 chick (the only one out of two dozen from a judge/breeder that wasn't smashed upon arrival and that made it to hatching)....anyway, he hatched on Sunday.

    I left him in the incubator for a day because his navel wasn't closed.

    Yesterday, I went to move him to the brooder and he cannot stand. He just tips over. His neck is kind of weird too--might be wry? It just flops over to the one side and he tips over. He kind of "break dances" in circles in the incubator.

    I hand-watered him with some sugar water and he was really thirsty. I then went & bought some Rooster Booster (b12 & vitamin K). I gave him some of that. He perked up a little but still just tipped over when I try to stand him up. I then soaked some starter in the Rooster Booster and squirted some down his throat with a syringe. Again, he ate & perked up--but still cannot stand.

    His legs look fine, the belly button is still a little questionable.

    I have never seen anything like this in all of the chicks I have hatched....the others that hatched around the same time (bantam favs), BLRW bantams & Creves all look fine and are running around, eating...

    He is very feisty (and noisy) and seems to want to survive...but what else can I do for him???

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