Dry flaky back patch on JUST my liht brahma chicks?

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    Feb 25, 2009
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    I have 18 5 week old chicks and the 5 light brahmas have these dry featherless patches on their backs. I think theyre getting pecked at... but why just the LBs? I have marans, EE's and BOs as well in there. All the same age the same shipment. I think they got pecked, i blue coated them as they were a little bloodied in some spots. The dry spots show the feather folicals as just empty holes. Theres three roos out of the bunch, 1 ee, 1 maran, and one LB.

    Why just the LBs? Is it from pecking? what should I do.

    Theyre in the barn for the night, sorry I dont have pictures.

    Theyre all otherwise healthy and happy.
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    The LBs are sometimes at the bottom of the pecking order.

    You should separate them from the other chicks if there is any sign of blood, since they may make it a habit and it could develop into cannibalism.

    What are you feeding them? How much space do they have? Sometimes boredom can lead to pecking.

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