Dry Fowl pox cleared up, now her head is swollen??

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    Oct 7, 2015
    Hey there! One of my hens turned up with real bad dry fowl pox while I was away, black scabs had covered her eyes so she couldn't see. I cleaned them off and used polysporine and it cleared up to the point that the scabs wouldn't interfere with her eyes for a few weeks. Then I had to go away again and I only had someone handy to care for her basic needs (not keep applying the polysporine)
    Now her head is swollen to the point it's interfering with one of her eyes, maybe her breathing. One small scab up top on her head, and a huge amount of bubblegum pink swollen skin that looks painful :(
    Would this be an infection brewing?? No other chickens have been infected... Thank goodness because we have a terrible mosquito problem because it's so wet where we live.
    I'm at work, I can post pics later on tonight when I get home.
    Thanks in advance!!
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    Welcome to BYC. Secondary infections can occur with viral fowl pox. Eye infections are common, but if there are respiratory symptoms too, I would treat with some Tylan 50 or oxytetracycline. If there is gunk in the eye it should be cleaned with saline and either Terramcin ointment or vetericyn eye gel should be applied twice a day.
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