dry incubation and broody hen question


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Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
I'm setting my 2nd set of eggs either tomorrow or Sat. Was thinking about doing the dry incubation method. I have read a few articles but am still confused by it. My question is for those of you that dry incubate what does your hygrometer read? Or don't you worry about what the humidity is for dry incubating. I ask because I have my inubator on and ready to go. Currently there is no water in the incubator and humidity is reading 10%. I'm thinking that might be to low. For so called dry incubating what should the range the humidity be at? I'm located in the San Francisco Bay area and wondering if dry incubation is best seeing where I am located the humidity in the bator is already as low as it is.

Secondly, I have 2 hens that do go broody on occasion. However they are not broody right now. My question is if they should go broody while I'm incubating the eggs in the incubator I'd like to put the eggs under my hens. Can this be done, and has anyone ever done this in the past going from an incubator to under a broody hen. Obviously my first choice is to use a broody hen, but when ya don't have one right now there is only one other option.


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Aug 7, 2010
i new to dry incubation, but i've heard that its between 30-40%. i did it 25% though. those eggs are supposed to be hatching this Saturday

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