Dry incubation and silkies/ are silkies harder to hatch?

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    Aug 19, 2011
    Going in to lockdown I had 19 silkies and 5 large fowl mixes. End of day 21 I have 11 silkies and 4 of the mixes. My first hatch I had a 100% hatch rate of all my backyard mixes. I used dry incubation for both hatches, 1st 18 days was between 15 and 20. % humidity (although I live in Oregon, so i'm not sure I believe the rating), lockdown at 60-70% (with a small dip to 50 last night). incubator is the havorbator and the thermometer read around 98.

    So, a few questions

    1) is there a reason my large fowl hatch rates were so much better than silkies? The silkie eggs were not shipped, but came from a nearby breeder
    2) should I have higher humidity in first 18 days for silkies
    3) how many days should I give the remaining eggs? I don't hear chirping or see the eggs move and everyone else hatched on day and night of day 20 (Saturday)
    4). When I candled on day 18, I did notice the silkies were not all the same size, but one that hasn't hatched yet was actually moving more than any others. Is it normal for there to be a noticeable difference in development with silkies? I did not notice this with the larger eggs.

    Thanks for any help you can provide! I want my hatch next to be more like my first. :D:D


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