DS Assaulted At School!

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  1. herfrds

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    Jan 11, 2010
    DS was really ticked off yesterday. Finally found out tonight what happened.
    He and this other kid who he has never gotten along with got into an arguement.
    Well this other kid, who is the son of my former co-worker who accosted me, sucker punched him in the side of his head and busted him in the eye and knocked him out. He was out for 15 minutes

    I have called the superintendent and left a message. Next call is to law enforcement.

    I am really ticked off!
  2. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Keep an eye on your son. Being out for 15 minutes is no small matter. He may need to be medically evaluated. The other kid's parents are responsible for any medical bills. Be worth taking them to small claims court. Sometimes that's what it takes for parents to decide to teach their kid to behave himself.
  3. Caribear

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    May 29, 2012
    Darke County, Ohio
    Oh wow, poor kid! I agree with Cassie, you need to keep an eye on him. Was this actually at school, during school hours? What did the superintendent say?

    I hope your son is ok and that this problem can be resolved soon!
  4. herfrds

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Happened in school.
    Talked to the super this morning. Turns out one of my son's friends had taken a picture of his eye and had shown it to him already. The super is waiting to see it himself. He is also calling in the local law enforcement.
    Super had talked to a couple of the kids and they all said this kid had sucker punched my DS. He said he has no tolerance for this sort of stuff.

    Yes I am watching him.

    Told the super I want this kid expelled!
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  5. NovaAman

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    Yeah... after the cops and the super... get a lawyer... I'd say give your kid the go ahead to whoop the other boys behind... but that isn't a generally accepted practice these days... Sucker punching is so cowardly...

    Hope your kids is ok.
  6. dewey

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    Nov 9, 2010
    north of eternity
    That is terrible! I hope your son will be ok. Being out for any amount of time warrants an emergency check, but especially 15 minutes...that would be considered a very bad injury that needs a scan to check for damages. I just can't even fathom that the school didn't call paramedics, and you, with that type of head injury.

    When my son was young a group of of-age high schoolers beat him unconscious on the playground, then kept kicking him in the head while he was out. He was out for less than 5 minutes but had a fractured skull and a blood clot behind his eye (neither of which were apparent until a scan was done).

    Wishing your son well!
  7. sfw2

    sfw2 Global Menace

    This!!! Hope your son is ok.
  8. FlaRocky

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    Hello, This is a form of "bullying" most states have anti-bullying laws on the books now. You do need to press charges (NOW). BTW, The reason I am so adamant is my next door neighbor moved home to Florida after her son was "bullied" in his high school. He had no help, tried to do it on his own and did not go to his mom. But he ended the "bullying by hanging himself in the barn in front of his horses." His mother found him. PM me if you want or have any questions. Where are you located? Maye Ride the Glide.......Got Gait.......I Do.......
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  9. FlaRocky

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    Don't know what happened......double post?????

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  10. twentynine

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    Jun 14, 2009
    Being knocked out for 15 minutes. I would think he must have suffered a substantial injury that would have been immediately noticeable, the first second you layed eyes on him. Black eyes, huge lump, laceration something noticeable. From my own experience it's not like in the movies, where the good guy gets pistol whipped, struggles to awake himself, and then in seconds is fighting the bad guy again.

    I got bumped a few years ago, right square in the middle of my forehead, knocked out only for seconds, disoriented for some minutes. A chunk of plate steel of several hundred pounds of wieght, broke loose from restraint, hit me, split my hard hat plum in two. I never saw it coming all I remember is my eye sight went blinding flash white. My co-workers loaded me on the ambulance, spent the rest of the nightshift under observation at the ER. Had a goose egg on my head for weeks, my eyes were black for days, my neck and shoulders were very sore for days. The guy that was standing next to me said he turned away, to look at something, and when he turned back I was laying flat on my back with that sheet of plate steel swinging back and forth above me. I have no memory of pain, I just remember being in the mud trying to stand up so I could get out the mud and my co-worker pushing me back down telling me to be still.

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