DS got some half price feedstore chicks yesterday! Help ID? Pic heavy


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
He is 10. We were having a great argument in the feedstore over what we thought each chick was, much to the delight of the old-timers that were checking out the babies.

We think he got 3 Dark Cornish. They have the thick legs, and flat/pea combs. I am pretty confident that I've got 2 females. The third one's comb pinked up today, so it might be a male. We'll see. If anyone thinks they are something else, let me know. They are the 3 camera hogs in the back of the pic. I had trouble getting pics of the other ones! LOL! We are thinking the black one in the front is either an Austrolorp or Jersey Giant? It has a straight comb. Maybe the one behind that one is a Gold Laced Wyandotte, it has a flat comb right now.

We think the one in the front is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. She has a flat comb, and the broken speckles on the head.

The little brown ones we have no idea! They seem to have a straight comb, kind of dusky pink legs, and are a rich chocolate brown. We don't see any muffs or crests, or anything like that. These would be from Ideal, if that helps, out of the straight run heavies.


Another view...

And another...
First pic the top 3 in the far back
those look like Light Brown leghorns

the 1st pic, smallest one on far right--Golden Campine

Black one 1st pic, Jersey Giant

and thats all i can reconize
but i mightttt be wrong
I see where you think they look like leghorns, but they have definite flat (probably pea) combs. Could it be Partridge Wyandotte? Aren't they colored like Leghorns?

I had thought that the little one might be a Golden Campine. They are pretty, so either way I'll be happy with that one!

Thanks for the input!

No one else?? I've been trying to look and could the brown ones be Barnevelders?? I don't really see the chipmunk striping on them, but the head is the same rich chocolate color. They have the lighter, almost blue-gray chest area.

There doesn't seem to be that many dark brown colored chicks, and it's almost impossible to do a search on them.



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