Dubois/Clarion PA Peeps.... HELP!

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Apr 30, 2009
Keokuk County
***MISSING DOG*** --- Please Read Below


My friend Sara and her family got caught in a 20-car pileup during a snow squall on their way home from visiting family in Iowa. Thankfully Sara, her husband, their son, and their dog Bam-Bam are all okay, but they are missing another member of their family--their dog Britney (Sheltie/Australian Shephard mix, looks like a small Rottweiler). If you are in the Dubois/Clarion area of PA and/or know anyone who is and can assist in the search, please do/spread the word. Other families are missing canine companions as well, as described at the end of this article about the accident:


See the video of this family discussing their missing four legged family member here:


Thoughts/prayers appreciated as well. Thanks all!
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